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Our brand new programme for 2016 Free Festival is now live! Browse this website now to see what's on at this years Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which will this year will run from August the 4th to 28th, with four extra days of the 'Fringe for Bairns' - our children's Fringe Festival which starts on runs from July 31st to August 3rd (and with children's shows continuing right through the Fringe).

We have some new exciting venues for you to choose from, and a another big selection of the very best free show - with a the usual massive comedy selection, along with three brand new music stages, some fantastic cabaret, theatre, children's shows, spoken word a walking tour and some busking. As always there is so much to choose from the time to start planning your visit in now!

Shows Starting Soon

Sadly, there are no shows are are scheduled to start in the Next Hour...
We hope to follow the success of last year in 2016, last year our shows and performers won or where nominated for numerous awards, an amazing recognition of our programming. 

We had a hugely critically acclaimed Fringe last year, with a huge bucket-load of five-star reviewed shows and even more four star reviewed shows - which proves our free shows are a sign of top quality Fringe shows, while we let performers and audiences experience the freedom of the Fringe, with a chance to experiment and enjoy. Just what the Fringe should be!

Do check out our programme using the calendar or search tool on the left of this page, and we hope to see you in Edinburgh through the Fringe month of August!

Running The Free Festival costs a lot of money... some of this money is recouped through sponsorship, advertising and our comedy courses... If you would like to contribute and help keep the venues free for acts and audiences, please click button above
Become a Free Festival Venue... If you run a Fringe venue in Edinburgh and would like to either become part of the Free Festival or list your free shows with us, or if you are a new venue looking to have free shows at your venue for the Fringe, click here for some more information...


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